Why Am I an Unethical Vegan?

Because I’m a dietary vegan, sillies. When researching what to possibly call my eating habits, wikipedia informed me that lifestyle vegans are also known as ethical vegans. Lightbulb! I was an unethical vegan, because I still wear leather shoes, wool clothes, and truth be told, still eat honey. And I’ll use products with beeswax. So what to call myself? A mel millis vegetarian? Latin joke, ya’ll.

But I’m not unethical in that I care about animal welfare, the planet, and a bunch of other things that sound soapbox-y and boring. Mostly, I just love cooking. And becoming a vegan (an unevegan?) has really opened my eyes to what I can create in the kitchen.

It all started like this: when I stopped nursing my daughter, I discovered that I was having trouble with dairy foods. After I’d eat anything dairy, I’d feel nauseous and swollen. I’d already been a vegetarian, and I wasn’t that attached to eggs. So I went vegan!

I loved what I was cooking so much, I thought I’d start sharing it with the wider world. I know that I love looking at other people’s food blogs, so why wouldn’t someone want to look at mine?

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