Insanely Delicious Pineapple Veggie Burger

Behold! You are my delicious friend.

On a trip to Costco we purchased a delicious pineapple. I usually just buy canned pineapple (lame), but I couldn’t resist the giant display. And this one was PERFECT. We used half of it to make delicious tacos from Vegan Brunch, and the other half for these burgers. Delicious. Delicious. Delicious. There, have I said it enough times yet?

The buns are made from the Sweet Potato Biscuit recipe from Appetite for Reduction, and the burgery part is not homemade–but it is my favorite veggie burger on earth–The World’s Best Veggie Burger from Local Burger. So easy to make! So tasty! So good for you! Also, I haven’t ever tried to make a veggie burger yet, and I had one of these babies just relaxing in my freezer.

And the fries? Just oven-baked rosemary fries. Those don’t even need a recipe–just slice a yukon gold potato (I usually do one for each person, depending on the size of the potato) into fries, put in a bowl with 1 tsp olive oil, and pinches of salt, pepper, and dried rosemary. You could probably even use fresh if you have it! Bake at 450 degrees until browned. You may need to flip them once, but sometimes you really don’t even need to do that. Crap. That looks like I just wrote a recipe.

Pineapple Burgers (4 servings):

  • 4 veggie burgers
  • 4 slices (or 8 rings) of grilled or roasted pineapple
  • 1 recipe for Sweet Potato Biscuits (yes, I am trying to force you to buy that awesome book) will make 4 buns
  • 1 avocado, sliced
  • 1 tomato, sliced
  • lettuce
  • onion slices

Just assemble everything burger-style. I would try to divide all the toppings into eight slices, that way everyone can have two slices on their burger. I didn’t even put any kind of dressing on here, but I suppose you could do some mayo and hawaiian-style sweet mustard. And it would be good with a pickle–especially a spicy pickle. Now I want a spicy pickle.

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