Sushi Salad a la Appetite for Reduction

Isa, you have done it AGAIN. And I say that pretty much anytime I put food in my mouth. My husband jokes that this blog will become “Julie/Julia” for me, as I work my way through recipes from all of Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s books. Sounds fine with me!

I’ve always loved the veggie bento boxes I would get when we’d go to sushi with friends (I’ve never eaten fish. NEVER.) but I didn’t know what made them so tasty. It’s toasted sesame oil, ya’ll. And this salad takes that, mixes it with onions, sprinkles it with dew, and makes the world taste good.

I added some spicy sprouts, because I am like an old hippie that way, and I didn’t put the nori on top. I was afraid of it being fishy (eww), and it cost $5 for a couple sheets. I don’t like to pay that much for a single mystery ingredient. But yeah, this salad rocks. Make it!

Recipe from Appetite for Reduction. Buy that book.

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