My First Curry

I made curry for the first time! This is Curry Laksa, from, you guessed it, Appetite for Reduction. I happened to buy coconut milk for my breakfast, since I’m trying to increase the amount of B12 that I get from food, not just from my supplement. Did you know that it isn’t always included in vegan milk? I think that is super weird. Anyway, I know coconut milk probably isn’t the healthiest thing I could ever eat, but it does taste good. And is great for making curry!

This was super easy to make, especially if you press your tofu first. I just pressed mine in a kitchen towel between two plates, with Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone and the Veganomicon perched on top. Such a good idea, I’ve been making the worst tofu ever before this.

I used fairly strong veggie broth to make this, but I think it probably still needed that extra dash of curry paste. And I believe we did hot sauce it up, using our favorite Dan’s Prime Texas Dew Drops. If you find this hot sauce, buy it. BUY IT. I had to order five bottles directly from Texas, since they stopped carrying it at our Whole Foods. Even after I practically broke down crying in the store. What’s up with that, WhoFoo?

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