Chili Verde con Yummmmmm

And here’s another one of our fantastic dinners from Appetite for Reduction–Chili Verde con Papas.

Also, con EXTREMELY LARGE bunch of kale. I think it was triple a normal bunch. We actually had to pick kale out if it to make it less like a super hot salad. Oh well. It was still really tasty! Not all that spicy, plus the white beans really made it awesome. And, oh yeah, the potatoes. I looooove me some potatoes.

2 thoughts on “Chili Verde con Yummmmmm

  1. mmmm, this looks good..minus the excessive kale. I love kale, but the other day I made a garlic and kale soup and used up the kale in my fridge, which turned out to be a bit TOO much kale. It didn’t allow me to enjoy the other components of the soup. It was good, though, once I got all that kale out of the way.

    I still haven’t bought that book. i’m waiting until next month, as I’ve probably extinguished my book-buying budget for the month.

    • You know, the longer I’ve been vegan, the more I love kale. Really! I think it grows on you. Also, dinosaur kale (it doesn’t have crinkly leaves) is much nicer than the super crinkle kind. If you aren’t already in the know.

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