Bob’s Red Mill

Can someone be a fan girl of a mill? Then I am. I LOVE BOB’S RED MILL! I’m about to get up on my roof and proclaim it to the world.

We made it to the mill a scant 15 minutes after the first tour began, so we missed it. It’s okay, the store was totally worth it. TOTALLY.

I’ve been buying Bob’s Red Mill items for about 6 years now, since I went all organic and hippied out. But I had no idea the sheer amount of products they make, from beans to grains to nuts to whatever you can think of. And the restaurant! It has it’s own VEGETARIAN MENU. I know! I don’t have to pick and choose off of a menu meant for someone else! Yes!

I want to live in your basement, Bob’s Red Mill. I’ll even pay rent, I swear! I will, however, be eating you out of house and home. Feast your eyes on these vegan flapjacks! I will never stop saying VEGAN FLAPJACKS!

Seriously, don’t they look sexy?

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