Love This…The May Edition

Being newly vegan means that some of the products I use also needed to change. And while I am a dietary vegan, I have the feeling that I’ll slowly be phasing myself into actual ethical veganism. Though the vegan police may have to come and forcibly remove my Birkenstocks from me. And I’m pretty sure I will never think that using bee products is wrong. But you never know!

Anyway, I wanted to institute a little monthly “Love This!” post to cover all the new foods, products and places that I am currently in love with. If you find that any of these aren’t vegan, please keep in mind, I am unethical.

1. Pit Powder from Muddy H2O

I picked this up while in Astoria, OR at their co-op. They make a men’s version, too, but since I’m a lady, I bought the one for women. I love it! Totally easy to put on (you just shake the powder into your hand), and does a pretty good job keeping down the stink. Being vegan helps, though, too. I’ve tried basically every natural deodorant on the market, too, so don’t think I’m uninformed. I’ve even made my own–which works some of the time, but not when it’s cold. Darn you, coconut oil! Anyway, love this stuff–thanks Oregon! Oh–I guess it’s actually made in Washington.

2. NUTrition Heart Healthy Nuts from Planters

So, yeah, these are awesome. And I know they aren’t organic or fancy, and you can just buy them at the grocery store, but they make me happy. It’s the best mix of nuts ever! And I like that hazelnuts are called filberts. They are the adorable old man of the nut world. I bet that Mr. Peanut secretly wishes he was Mr. Filbert. Or it’ll be like in Clue–It was Mr. Filbert in the parlor with the nutella! What?

3. Dr. Bronner’s Soap

Dr. Bronner may have been a mad scientist that thought that everything is ALL-ONE, but that guy makes some sweet soap. I’ve been using it for years and years, for everything from hand soap to shampoo to (once) toothpaste. You can’t go wrong with Dr. Bronner. Right now, the baby soap is my favorite face wash.

4. Chocolove Dark Chocolate Bars

Yeah, these say that they “may have come into contact with milk” but so has most of the food in my fridge, since my child and husband aren’t vegan. I say you can’t be that paranoid. And this chocolate is seriously magical. Looking at this photo makes me want to go downstairs and eat the bar I have in the cabinet. Yes!

5. Preserve Cutting Board

I’ve had this cutting board for a while, and I adore it. Preserve is a great company anyway, what with the recycling and all, and this cutting board is–dare I say it?–top notch. I have this giant green one, a little green one, and everything else they make. I sorta want to buy another large one in white, but I can’t actually convince myself that I need it, so I don’t. Do you think I need it? Help me justify my spending! Someone needs to.

So, what are you loving this May?

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