Blackened Butternut Jerk

Yet another dinner attempt that left me scratching my head. Why do I continue to make dinners that take me hours to prepare? Oh, yeah. The delicious.

I’m still getting used to eating tofu this way–as sort of a semi-meat. I’m good with tofu in noodle bowls, stir-fry, as ricotta cheese, even as eggs. But for some reason, seeing it in a slab like this creeps me out. I think it’s because of my aversion to fish, and it looks SO MUCH like fish when blackened and cut into little rectangles. So, I may never looove tofu this way, but it’s pretty good. A little dry, but I think that might have been from my 1.25 hour mega pressing.

Can we get to the sides? Cause seriously. These sides rock. I thought all of the ingredients in the Butternut rice would be weird. There’s what in there now? Lime? Ginger? Coconut? What? But it was great–tropical, but comforting. Like Thanksgiving served pool side. And the jerk asparagus. I thought my husband was going to pass out when he put this in his mouth. Then he begged, “please, please, PLEASE make this again.” Oh, I will. In a month, sucka!

As usual, recipes are found in Appetite for Reduction.

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