Chorizo, Grits & Sweet Potato Biscuits

Oh, man, was this breakfast spicy. I actually couldn’t finish all of it, because my mouth was burning a little. I have to admit, that was slightly my fault, as I decided to take the extra step of dousing my already fiery chorizo with hot sauce. Still, tasty tasty. The chorizo had that distinct seitan flavor, which can be off-putting if you aren’t really used to it. But the texture was great–soft and squishy but not greasy. And the flavors were there, though I think most of the chorizo I’ve had had more of a kick to it. I’ll work on that.

Grits! I could write a love song to grits. Look at them, all fluffy yellow. The garlic (6 cloves!) was perfectly mellow, and the jalapeños weren’t too spicy. I did forget to add the salt while cooking, but just sprinkling it on at the end worked out perfectly. I also added more than the two tablespoons of nooch, because I freaking love that stuff. How could anything as weird as nutritional yeast taste that good? It looks like fish food. Ooh, I love it.

I’ve made the sweet potato biscuits about a million times, but this time I used whole white wheat flour. I bought a bag of it, thinking it was white flour, and now I’m trying to use it all up. I hate the texture of it. It’s very heavy and coarse, and everything I bake with it comes out grainy. So I mostly just use it for stuff like this, when I’m making a side dish and don’t really care if it’s perfect or not.

Recipes for sausages and grits are from Vegan Brunch, and the biscuits are in Appetite for Reduction.

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