Epic Polenta Stuffing Fail

Let me start by saying that today has not been the best day. Nothing horrible happened, mind you, it was just one of those cotton-in-my-head days where nothing gets done but naps and cooking. I suppose that sounds awesome, but for me it means a missed opportunity to clean the house, or do something fun (other than cooking, which I do love), or get some well needed vitamin D. Also, this may be my shameful secret, but I absolutely hate to nap. I hate it. When I wake up from any length of nap, I feel groggy and weird and I don’t feel right the entire rest of the day. This may be why I had such a hard time with a newborn, I felt like this for two months solid.

Anywho, I was looking forward to one of my favorite Appetite for Reduction dinners, Tamarind BBQ Tempeh and Polenta Stuffing. Last time I made the stuffing, it was perfect–little crispy browned squares, succulent sautéed veggies, the exact right amount of spices. It made me want to cry in its deliciousness. Cut to tonight–mushy, mushy polenta, undercooked veggies, bland as all get out. Boo! I think the problem was that I made my own polenta, and I made too much of it. And I didn’t cook it until it was SUPER FIRM. Next time, I am just buying that stupid $1 tube at the store and having a delicious dinner. So there!

The BBQ tempeh was still good, though I need to remember to cut the squares smaller, so I get less bitter flavor. Or I should just steam them first, but I am lazy. I so look forward to my Sunday dinners, and this was just…sad. Boo.

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