Mac & Trees & Peas!

Ooh, baby.

I needed some vegan happiness today after I realized that I ate an egg & dairy tainted black bean burger sample at Costco. I was so visibly upset by it that my 2 year-old had to calmly tell me, “It’s okay, Mama. It’s okay.” That really did help. Also, black bean burger industry, can you just take out the casein and egg whites already? I know they aren’t necessary. You just do it to piss off vegans.

So, yes. Mac & Trees from Appetite for Reduction. Is this not the ultimate comfort food? The creamy sauce, the tender veggies, the wheaty pasta? And I threw in some peas, since our broccoli stash was running a little low. I love the garlic and onion flavors in this sauce, plus the fact that it is so much better for you (and animals, and the planet) than *real* mac & cheese. Also, I don’t get the nausea and stomachache afterwards. Thanks for making my life so much better, lactose intolerance!

Also, did I mention that I love to put Dan’s Prime Texas Dew Drops on this? That is the best hot sauce in the world, ever. We make everyone we know try it, and EVERYONE loves it, even people who aren’t that into hot sauce. It pains me that it’s so hard to find. You know what else happened during dinner? Tornado.

We’re fine. And tonight, I’m a happy happy vegan.

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