Spring Gardening

I’m super excited about my herb garden this year! Most of the time I plant herbs from seeds, and nothing happens. So, then I buy some plants…and they all die. But so far, this is my best year yet! Take a look!
Red Basil, Thai Basil & a tiny pepper plant. Grow, my babies, grow!

This cilantro makes me embarrassingly happy. I’ve tried to grow it for about 4 years now, and I never got as far as it actually looking like cilantro. Every day I want to go out there and eat it.

Oh, dill.

2 thoughts on “Spring Gardening

  1. Awesome job with those herbs!! They all look in good health and I’m sure you will have many months of growing success. Dill is my favorite herb to grow and it is a companion to most garden plants.

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