What Would Memorial Day Weekend Be Without BBQ?

So before I became a vegan, but after I stopped being vegetarian, I fell in love with a Southern-style BBQ sandwich known as the “Pig n’ Slaw.” But since I will no longer be enjoying pig with my slaw, I needed a veganized version of that sandwich. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you the Seitan Burnt-Ends Slaw Sandwich. It is real, and it is UNBELIEVABLE.

Seitan Burnt-Ends Slaw Sandwich (serves 8):

That’s it! Now, heat up your cast iron skillet with some cooking spray over medium-high heat. Take your seitan and cut it into bite-sized strips. Place the seitan in the skillet. If your pan is on the smallish side, you may need to cook the seitan in two batches. If the seitan is sticking really bad, spray it again, or deglaze the pan with veggie broth or tomato juice. When the seitan is nicely browned, turn off the heat and pour as much sauce as you like into the pan. I like my BBQ really saucy, but if you just like a thin, non-messy coating, go right ahead. Now just pile on the coleslaw to make a delicious sandwich!

This was so incredibly easy for something that turned out amazing. I’ve had really good luck with this seitan cooking technique, it takes away some of the rubberiness of the wheat meat. I could eat this every day, but I shouldn’t–I really shouldn’t.

I made a berry cobbler for dessert, but it didn’t turn out like I would have liked–a little doughy and not as sweet as it should be. I’ll work on it some more and pass the recipe along then. But for now, I leave you with a sweet photo!

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