Edamame Pesto

Oh, yeah. That’s basil from my garden. Eeek! My little plants look so good, I should totally take more pictures. Anywho, this is a modified version of the Edamame Pesto Pasta from Appetite for Reduction. This is the second or third time I’ve made it, though I never actually follow the recipe (sorry!). I have tons and tons of spaghetti in the house from Costco, and it seems silly to buy any other pasta when I have that on hand. But the mod that I’m the proudest of? Those beautiful roasted tomatoes. This recipe NEEDS roasted tomatoes. I’m going to to this every time, probably putting on twice as many next time. YES! Also, you can totally use button mushrooms. It doesn’t really change the flavor at all.

But you know what does? Hot Sauce. My husband put hot sauce on this! And it was GOOD.



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