Pizza! Pizza!

Here is the pizza that an incorrect recipe built. But it was so great! My husband, in general, wants to eat pizza every night, usually from Papa Murphy’s. Vegan tip: You can totally eat Papa Murphy’s normal pizza, just ask for no cheese. That s*** is vegan! However, I would rather make pizza at home, because I am crazy, and possibly because I am a control freak.

Anyway, you know something great is going on in your house when it actually smells like a pizzeria. And Vegan with a Vengeance taught me how to make the perfect pizza sauce, where before I was just slapping pasta sauce on a pizza and wondering why it tasted wrong. Pizza sauce must be simple to be good. Also, garlic. Lots and lots of garlic helps everything come together.

But this here is just your normal veggie pizza: olives, onions, white beans, garlic, mushrooms & daiya mozzarella cheese. I love daiya! They are by far my favorite fake cheese, though, to be fair, I haven’t tried a whole lot of fake cheese, because it’s so…fake. And because lots of it seems to still contain some trace milk ingredients. Hello? What is the point in that? Let’s rise up against veggie slices! Are you with me?

Anyway, long story short (er–sort of), make pizza at home!



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