Chickpea Piccata

The first time I made this, it was terrible. I can’t even describe to you the disappointing flavors of sadness we experienced. However, that was the very first week I had Appetite for Reduction, and had NO idea what cooking vegan was all about. It’s amazing what I’ve learned in the three months I’ve been using that cookbook. Being a vegan has literally taught me how to cook all over again, and I’m much, much better than before.

As you can see, I’ve made some subs on this dish: the grocery store had no shallots (how is that even possible?), so I used a vidalia onion. I figured the sweetness would translate sort of like shallots do, though it’s less classy. And I used spinach instead of arugula. I don’t know why I dislike it so much, but I cannot handle arugula. Blech! I think I’m against any sort of bitter flavors, except I love dark chocolate. So, who knows?

I also didn’t put it over potatoes the first time, which is a giant mistake. I made caulipots (cauliflower+potatoes), but I made the recipe my own way. I baked the potato and roasted the cauliflower, and after adding the olive oil and broth, I put in about 1/2 a cup of unsweetened almond milk. Consider that only adds about 15 calories to the WHOLE thing, and maybe .5 grams of fat, I’m not worried about it losing it’s health-food-potato-status. And it really made the dish creamy, which it desperately needed. Those potatoes were DRY. But had more nutrients!

Anyway, it came out perfect. And it made me feel like a human giant.


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