The Great Sourdough Experiment…Day One

Sourdough. I could buy you for $4 at the grocery store, or spend many fruitless (wo)man hours trying to make you at home. What will I do, what will I do? Hmmm…

This isn’t my first attempt at making sourdough. Oh, no. My last attempt involved some sort of watery goo made out of yeast and…something. I don’t remember what. After looking like it was going to grow arms and legs and walk out of my kitchen, it dissolved into a moldy mass of blue fuzz. Gross!

The recipe I found for this version appears to be from a children’s museum…which I think I’ve been to. Holy crap! I have! My best friend and her now-husband used to live in San Francisco. Wow. Anyway, if you can’t trust a sourdough recipe for children from San Fran, who can you trust? Hopefully this turns out great. If not, you get a front row seat to my shame.


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