Ouch! This curry burned me!

This is the Black-eyed pea Jamaican Curry with Plantains from Appetite for Reduction. Why do I keep making curry? I know I don’t like it. At all. But I liked everything in this dish except for the curry powder. And I’ve never eaten a habanero before, so I had to give it a go.

First of all, ouch. Second, aaaaah! My hand is on fire! That’s right. I decided to cut up and seed the habanero pepper without wearing gloves. Do you know how many days my fingers burned? THREE. On the upside, I was basically walking pepper spray. If anyone tried to mess with me, I’d just poke them in the eyes. They wouldn’t see that coming!

So, back to the actual recipe. While I would not make this again, I’m betting it’s a great curry for people who actually like curry. My husband thought it was awesome, and looooved the spicy flavor. I also messed up the plantains, AGAIN, letting my steamer burn out of water. So, yay, those were still a little starchy, but they were so ripe it almost didn’t matter.

Yeah. I’m guessing this means curry and I are through.

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