Tofu Goat Cheese Saved My Life

Yeah, I think that about sums it up. Tofu Goat Cheese rocks. Goat cheese is the only dairy product I’ve missed at all since going vegan. And it’s not like I have super-human powers to resist dairy, it’s just that it makes me feel so darn sick. Eating dairy only makes me think of how very, very sorry I’ll be later.

Of course, it doesn’t look pretty. But does real goat cheese look pretty? Nah. This is the Salad Niçoise from Vegan Family Meals, ala (now defunct *WHY!*) ReadyMade Magazine. I don’t think it’s as good as the one from Appetite for Reduction, for several reasons: 1. The dressing. Of course, I changed it from the original, which has about 90 grams of fat in it. IN THE F-ING DRESSING ALONE. I don’t think that’s necessary or delicious. Well, maybe it might have been delicious–but I digress. 2. The toppings. The chickpea-caper mash on AFR’s niçoise is frickin’ amazing. Tofu goat cheese is also frickin’ amazing. But I think it could better be used in more goat cheese friendly territory. Pesto? Check. Panini? Check.

So, I’ll be ditching the rest of this salad, but I will make the faux goat again. And again. And again. SO TASTY.




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