Broccoli Pesto

Can the Happy Herbivore cookbook do no wrong?

I’ve never made anything from it that wasn’t totally easy, healthy, and delicious. This dish tastes almost EXACTLY like one I used to make all the time. But that recipe wasn’t vegan, featured (sigh) goat cheese, and was tough to make. Well, probably because my food processor at that time was as small as a baby’s fist.

But Broccoli Pesto! It’s vegan! It’s magical! It somehow tastes like it has goat cheese in it, when it doesn’t! It’s also a little spicy, probably because of the raw garlic and basil. Also, I totally roasted the broccoli, since I like that little flavor boost from the browning.

Did I mention that it’s also packed with protein? And that the recipe says it serves two, but it actually made four servings for us? The only downside is that it doesn’t reheat easily the next day, but I’ll find a solution for that. Because I should not be denied left-overs!

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