Ahoy! Tortilla on the Horizon!

Should I launch into some pirate talk now? What’s that? You hate that…oh…I see.

So guess what, ya’ll?! I totally made my own tortillas. Using the superb recipe in Viva Vegan! I honestly find most of this cookbook a little intimidating still. Also, do you know how hard it is to find good, authentic latin ingredients in rural Kansas? It’s a little hard. I have a great grocery store near me, but even then I feel uncertain that I’ll find most of what this book requires. And it’s so specific about flours! Also, since I’m still on a relatively healthy kick (if I lose seven more pounds, I’ll reach my goal weight! Go me!) I’m afraid to make really delicious things that require coconut cream. You know? I’ll save that for other people to eat with me.

But, back to tortillas. I’ve struggled my whole cooking life with wanting to make these fresh at home, because they have like, five ingredients. But the grocery store tortillas? You’re lucky if they have 20! From dough conditioners to preservatives–it’s a nightmare. But my problem was two-fold: 1. My tortillas always, always, always came out dry. You couldn’t roll them out at all. 2. They were shaped like the states, or faces of Presidents, or something else not round. So they weren’t useful.

But in steps this recipe, like a tortilla in shining armor. It’s perfect. PERFECT! I made these without the chia seeds (since I didn’t have them, and since I thought a two-year-old might not eat chia seeds) this time, but I’ll probably put them in in the future. They roll out easy, stay (relatively) round, don’t stick to each other or the countertop, and brown up perfect.

What can I say? I’m in love.


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