Banana Ice Cream

Yep. That’s just a frozen banana, some almond milk, vanilla, and cinnamon. You can find the actual recipe at Happy Herbivore, but it’s so easy, you could probably just figure it out yourself!

I will say that there are two issues I have with this: 1. It’s super hard to get the peels off the frozen bananas. Did anyone else think of peeling them before tossing them in the freezer? I have like 50 bananas in there (no joke). I solved that problem by just using my regular potato peeler. You lose a little bit of banana, but you get them still really, really frozen. 2. It wasn’t sweet enough. I’ve heard that can be an issue with ice cream, too, that’s why it has so much sugar–the coldness numbs the sweet receptors on your tongue. Or did I just make that up? I added a little maple syrup to mine, and it was pretty good.

Still, I’d love some more mix-in ideas. I love banana with peanut butter, so I might toss in a teaspoonful, and see if that works. Or stir in some chocolate chips. Or throw in a few strawberries. Or some agave nectar. Or…I don’t know! The world is your oyster. And this is too easy to make and too good to pass up.

2 thoughts on “Banana Ice Cream

  1. I make banana based icecream all the time – first yeah you don’t want to put a whole banana in the freezer – I just peel them, break them up, throw them in ziplocks and call it day.
    When they are frozen – throw them in a blender with a little nondairy milk (add it till it looks the way it’s supposed to) the best things to add to frozen banana:
    frozen cherries + chocolate (I use unsweetened cocoa)
    just chocolate

    and then other great fruit ice-cream:
    peaches with just nondairy milk, cinnamon + nutmeg
    sweet potato (seriously) cook a sweet potato (or 10) let it cool, peel it, dice it up, throw it in the freezer.
    Sometimes it freezes in a big block, so you’ll want to let it thaw until it is soft enough to cut up in chunks easily.
    Then throw in a blender with some pitted dates, nondairy milk top with cinnamon and nutmeg. Life will never be the same.

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