Gingerbread Muffins

Basically, this is the Happy Herbivore Apple Muffin recipe, but with a twist. Is that twist a good one? We haven’t decided yet. It does taste just like gingerbread, if that gives you any clues.

What happened is this: I didn’t have apples, so I just doubled up the applesauce. And I didn’t have brown sugar, so I doubled the regular sugar and added a little molasses. And then, what the hell, I threw in some vegan bacon bits I had hanging around. I thought maybe they would apple bacon cinnamon muffins of wonder and delight.

Mostly, they were just…weird. And I’m not sure if it’s all my subs, or the fact that fat-free and low-fat baking gives you much different results than it’s fattier cousins. I think we’re going to have a muffin round two on this, without all the substitutions!


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