Applesauce Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’m new to the whole applesauce baked goods phenomenon. I’ve never really been a “dieter,” and if I was going to have something–like cookies–that was “bad” for me, I’d just go for it. Same with soda. I hardly ever drink it, but when I do, I want the real stuff.

But, I trust the Happy Herbivore, and I really wanted to try these. One, because I went totally overboard with that brownie bonanza, and two, I wanted to know if it worked. The results?

Well, it sorta worked. My two-year-old was a HUGE fan of these. But I found the texture to be almost gummy, which was a real negative. I don’t like crunchy cookies, so it’s not like I was creeped out by their softness. There was just something weird about them. So, long story short, I think I’ll make applesauce cookies again, but I’ll probably add in one tablespoon of canola oil, and subtract a tablespoon of sauce. It should only add about one gram of fat per cookie, but maybe it’ll give me more of the texture that I’m looking for.

Have you tried these? What do you think?

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