Love This…Maoli Perfumes

I genuinely do love Maoli. First, they are adorable. From the packaging to their story to their website, everything they do is cute.

Second, now that I’m a vegan, it’s nice to find that a company I already loved aligns with my values. I’ve always been concerned about artificial ingredients in perfumes, because honestly, who knows what kind of chemical mayhem is going on in those freaky labs? But Maoli only contains vegan, raw, and essential oil ingredients. How fantastic is that?

I’d purchased their first perfume, Colonia Dulce, ages ago and it’s no longer available. But like some sort of miracle, they now have four different scents to replace it! Amazing!

Here’s the rundown:

Royal Pikake — Very floral and sweet. This is the first of my samples that I opened, and it reminded me very strongly of being back in Hawaii. There’s nothing really like Pikake, but if you like gardenias, you’ll probably love it. The scent lasted a very long time on my skin, too.


Under the Orange Tree — Very strong neroli notes. I grew up in Southern California, and one of my favorite things to do was drive around at sunset in the early summer, smelling the fresh orange blossoms. This reminds me very strongly of that feeling, it even has a kind of warmth to it, like the sun is shining on you.


Leilani’s Lei Stand — Hello, ylang ylang! Ylang ylang is one of my favorite, favorite scents in the whole world. This mixture was very, very floral, in a way that didn’t start go grow on me until I wore the perfume for a while. I think it would be a seasonal hit with me, since I tend to like florals more in the spring, and gravitate towards mango and citrus scents in the summer.


Chocolate Kingdom — I saved my favorite for last. Oh, Chocolate Kingdom. This smells like the best fusion of cocoa, vanilla and coconut that you have ever encountered. If it was edible, I would eat it by the spoonful. The only sad part was that it didn’t last on my skin for very long, but it’s not as if I would mind reapplying! Fantastic.


My only over-all recommendation would be to make portable versions, maybe in chapstick-style tubes? I know that they are probably a little prone to melting–I’m guessing because they don’t contain beeswax, and the relatively low melting points of both coconut oil and cocoa butter. But I promise I’d keep them cool!

Please support Maoli Perfumes. They are a great small business, and the deserve all the success in the world. Also, they didn’t provide me with any free samples to write this, I just love them so much, I wanted to share this review with the world. However, if they wanted to send me free stuff, I certainly wouldn’t say no! 🙂

Aloha nui loa and Mahalo!

(Sorry, another note. All the photos on this page belong to Maoli, and I thought it would be okay to use them, since I’m writing a nice review, and providing links to their products. But please respect their copyright!)

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