Tofu Egg Salad

I never really liked eggs, except hard-boiled. Which might explain why I like the texture of tofu so much, since extra-firm tofu is an awful lot like a nice hard-boiled egg. But without all the work of disenfranchising chickens and actually having to boil anything. Hooray!

I was super excited to try Happy Herbivore’s Eggless Salad. It’s something I know my husband misses, and, as a vegan, I no longer eat very many sandwiches. Which is dumb, there are tons of different vegan sandwiches, I just don’t really think about it much. I also was cooped up in the house for a day or so and wanted to make bread–so sandwich time was on!

Using my loyal army of homemade pickles, I quickly assembled the salad–adding a little bit more mustard than called for (my husband loves food drenched in mustard–DRENCHED) and some additional onion flakes and dill. I think the dill was just because my homemade pickles weren’t strong enough, so you may not need to add that at all.

And guess what? It was great. Tasted almost just like egg salad, and it made tons! We were eating it for days. I also forgot–I loooove alfalfa or sunflower sprouts on egg salad, but I forgot to buy them! So sad. 😦

(Note: for the bread, I just used the english muffin recipe from Vegan Brunch and made a loaf instead. That english muffin dough is so versatile!)


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