Lemon Chia Seed Bread

I was so weary of making the same Lemon Poppy Seed Bread over and over again. So when I discovered this Lemon Chia Seed bread on the back of the Bob’s Red Mill bag, I was super excited. I like that chia seeds are full of nutritional benefits (I doubt that poppy seeds are, other than you can’t take a drug test after eating them, which doesn’t exactly count). And whatever seeds you don’t eat you can put on some pottery and grow a friend!

This is the only slice we had left by the time I could take a photo. And, as you might notice, there is a large bite taken out of it. Does that give you some idea about this bread’s amazing deliciousness?

The recipe has the added bonus of not having to zest the lemon. Does that annoy anyone else? I can’t handle finding big weird bits of lemon peel that I forgot to zest small enough hanging out in my baked goods. Plus the work of actually using the zester, and not also zesting my skin. Zest! This is just tons and tons of lemon juice, surprisingly little sugar, and possibly some magic.

I do want to say that I made one change: I didn’t want to use margarine in it (I don’t really keep it in the house, and I don’t like it for baked goods anyway). So I just used the equal amount of canola oil and made sure to mix it really, really well with the sugar. It tasted just great to me, so I think it doesn’t make any real difference in the finished product.

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