Thanks, Papa Murphy’s!

The last 24 hours of my life have made me feel like a miserable failure. First, we attempted to watch the horrific “comedy” Dinner for Schmucks, which, thank God, we were sensible enough to turn off about half an hour in. This morning, we went to Home Depot to get supplies to fix our broken stroller, and replace our kitchen faucet, which has been slowly decomposing for about a month.

After getting home, I realize that I’ve bought the wrong size nuts to fix the stroller, and our old faucet will not come off. When we decide to give up and hook everything back up, it has no water pressure. It is punishing us. And now we have to have a plumber come out tomorrow and fix it.

What I’m saying is, no cooking today. And thank you, Papa Murphy’s, for being one of the few places in town that doesn’t think I’m crazy for ordering a cheeseless pizza. And for being excited about us ordering vegan.

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