Spaghetti and Leanballs

I believe the Happy Herbivore‘s original recipe calls this dish “Spaghetti and Meatless Balls” which sounds kinda sad, right? I don’t like to think about meatless balls. Who would? It focuses on what you’re missing, not what you have. So, I suggest from now on this dish is called Spaghetti and Leanballs, since you make it with Gimme Lean.

I love Gimme Lean. First, the adorable name (cause it’s vegan Jimmy Dean!). Plus, it is actually lean. And rather close to meat, if you are into that. The flavor of Ground Beef-style Gimme Lean is like soy sauce mixed with Worcestershire sauce. If you like those two items, you’ll be golden. Since I do, Gimme Lean and I get along great.

I don’t believe the original recipe gives you a marinara sauce, but I always make my own anyway. And this simple combo (with a little earth balance buttered bread) made me incredibly happy. I was literally skipping down the street after eating this dinner. Or maybe I was just excited about my awesome trip to Trader Joe’s that morning. Yes, Kansas has a Trader Joe’s now! And all is right with the world.

5 thoughts on “Spaghetti and Leanballs

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  2. meatless balls….giggle. we still just call them meatballs here, and meatloaf, etc. Anything else is just funny. I’m still giggling in my head at my friend trying not to say “lamb balls” b/c she knows my juvenile humor and said “lamb meat balls” . HOW is that better? it sounds like some lamb is missing some precious parts. 😉

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