Mango Beans!

Oh, I really, really love mango. Mango smoothies, mango salsa, the old Chris Kattan character on SNL…you get it. I made these Mango BBQ Beans from Appetite for Reduction once before, and they didn’t turn out that great. This time, I decided to alter the recipe in two ways: 1. I added 1 TSP of sweet red chili sauce, and 2. I added a lot more veggie broth, and put rice in to cook with it. Of course, that little stunt doubled the cooking time, but it was so worth it. It took these beans from “meh” to a meal.

To round it out I served it with a little chopped pineapple we had leftover from another dish (is there ANYTHING better than fresh pineapple?) and some Jerk Asparagus, also from Appetite for Reduction. All around awesome meal, and I will totally be making this again in the future. Maybe I’ll even through the pineapple in with the beans next time! Whoa, slow down lady! You are living on the edge!


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