Chorizo Stuffing

This is Happy Herbivore’s Chorizo Stuffing (and a little sweet potato in the background. Hi, you!). I made this from UBER SCRATCH. That means I made both the cornbread and the bread. And of course the chorizo, which I make using TVP, not quinoa. My husband won’t eat quinoa, because he likes to make me sad. What kind of vegan doesn’t eat quinoa? Me. *pouty face*

Like all stuffing, this tastes better the second day, too. It would probably also taste better if I had bothered to cook both of my breads all the way through–so this was a little on the dense-and-doughy side. I will still make it again–and I think it would be great filling for something else. A stuff squash of some sort? A stuffed roasted bell pepper? I think you see where I’m going here. Stuff this stuffing into some stuff.



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