Homemade Wontons!

Shockingly easy to make, and insanely good. I had no idea making your own wonton wrappers wasn’t very hard–though it is a little time consuming. I searched through three grocery stores to find vegan versions–but every single one had egg. And I think these ended up being a little more like gyoza, I loved them. LOVED.

The recipe for the filling and sauce comes from…you guessed it…the October issue of Vegetarian Times. Sambal Oelek, baby! If you’re making this at home, feel free to cut the amount of soy sauce way, way down. I only used 1 T in the filling, and 1 T in the sauce. I replaced the rest of it with veggie broth, and it was freaking delicious.

Weird side note, two days after I made these, we went out to eat at a fancy asian restaurant that has lots of vegan options. When their pot stickers came out–guess what? They tasted almost exactly like this recipe!

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