Thai Root Veggie EWWWW!

Sometimes, I like to get outside my comfort zone with food. Strangely, thai curry is inside my comfort zone, and I still didn’t care for this dish. At all. I can tell you one very clear reason why: parsnips.

Okay, I try to love all vegetables. And I’m not huge into beets, or bell peppers, or butternut squash (I know, weird, right?), but I like to try new things. But parsnips? Eugh. They have the most disturbing flavor ever. Am I right here? Creepy. Now I really want to find a recipe that I can like parsnips in, just to prove myself wrong.

I did learn something awesome from making this dinner, though. I love rutabagas. Rutabagas forever!!

Recipe from Appetite for Reduction. Eat at your own risk.


4 thoughts on “Thai Root Veggie EWWWW!

  1. Parsnips are yucky! I have never liked them. My mom always sauted them. Rutabagas are absolutely awesome! I never realized it until I made a roasted vegetable dish that included them. You don’t like butternut squash!! That is surprising. Please tell me you have roasted it with just straight vegetable oil and salt and pepper right?!

  2. aww…. I kinda… like…. parsnips? 🙂 maybe try them in a creamy recipe where they provide less parsnippy flavor, more crunch/texture? I’m thinking of Bloodroot Vegetarian Restaurant’s vegan recipe for an african peanut stew. I think even parsnip haters might like that one – so long as they peanutty things!

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