Aztec Corn Soup

Is it the amaranth that makes this soup Aztec? I’m just excited to find a recipe that uses amaranth, which I adore. Even though I can’t make it without burning it, and myself, I love the taste and texture of amaranth. If you’ve never had it, it’s like tiny baby quinoa. Maybe with a little bit nuttier flavor, and if you manage to brown it a little, it tastes sort of like fried chicken. So, if you miss that taste–amaranth is your friend.

This soup is going into my dinner rotation STAT. It only has a few ingredients, and all of them are something I love. Not to mention that it’s a protein powerhouse as well–corn, amaranth and black beans. And the green chilies! So many chilies! We were in heaven over here.

Thanks Happy Herbivore!


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