Epic Fall Dinner!

So, with the leaves blowing around in the backyard, the smell of woodsmoke in the air–you know it’s fall, people. And I love fall. So, what says autumnal dinner more than butternut squash soup and tofu-turkey cranberry sandwiches?

The turkey is made from the Torkey recipe in the Happy Herbivore. So good. My house smelled like Thanksgiving the whole time it was cooking. And guess what? It’s got a parsnip in it! And it still tasted good!

The *awesome* cranberry sauce is from the November issue of Vegetarian Times magazine. Warning on the sauce–you must enjoy tart cranberries to like it. It overpowered my husband, and he had to scrape a bunch of it off.

And the Butternut Squash & Apple soup is from…of all things…Parents magazine (October issue). I know! But the recipe was pretty vegan already (they used chicken broth–why? It makes literally no sense), so it was an easy switch. Okay–you may remember me saying that I don’t like butternut squash. But it was really great in this soup! So maybe my tastes are changing? Or I had a bad squash before? Anyway, it’s butternut for me, baby!

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