E2 Week: Enchiladas

It was only a matter of time before I started looking into the Engine 2 Diet, right? For one, I like them because they aren’t all vegany vegan, wanting you to give up honey and such. I also enjoy that they are all super manly, which helps get my supportive but occasionally reluctant husband more fired up about our plant-based diet.

For a long time, I thought E2 was just a weird fad diet, like the vegan Atkins, or Zone, or any of that nonsense. But we watched Forks Over Knives (you have to, or they take away your vegan card), and Rip convinced me to look into the book a little more. That, and my husband actually being able to climb a pole (at the playground) using only his hands while saying, “Real men eat plants!” If you’ve seen Forks Over Knives, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, I’ve picked out a few recipes to showcase this week (though we’ll probably cook more from it, I’ll note when we do). The first is enchiladas, because it seemed delicious and somewhat representative of most of the recipes in the book.

You’ll probably be able to tell that I added black beans to the original E2 recipe. I happened to have some on hand, and I was slightly worried about the protein content of this dish, because it’s mainly spinach. Is spinach protein-y? I’m still not sure. Anyway, this was both easy and awesome. My only slight complaint is the hash browns, and it’s because I know better. You can’t just throw hash browns into a skillet and expect them not to stick. Especially when you don’t use oil. I mean–it won’t work. I should have just baked them for 10 minutes while the oven was warming anyway.

I also found it very difficult to locate vegan enchilada sauce. I located one from Frontera, but many of their products are not vegan. Carefully check the label! If you’re a vegan you know that already. That’s like saying, “hey, you! Remember to breathe!”

6 thoughts on “E2 Week: Enchiladas

  1. Those look great! I’m vegan, and doing the E2 diet. I’m a runner and needed diet that would work well for athletes, and this seems to fit the bill. I’m so excited! I’m on the 2nd day of the diet, using the menu printed from online. I have the book, but since I will eat anything (really, that’s why I’m fat-ish) I figured I’d let Rip the obvious genius do the work. šŸ˜‰ Do you know you can generate a shopping list on there? fantastic!!! I hope those enchiladas come around soon. I have to say, tho, that the portions/servings are WAY too generous. If they are for feeding 3 to 4 people, it’s really for 6. whew!

  2. They really were good–though you are TOTALLY right about the portions. We ate these for days and days. I guess firefighters have bigger appetites than we do!

    Also, in regards to the E2 diet working–I had previously lost a lot of weight just switching to veganism, but then leveled out the last two or so months. From the start of my E2ing (last week?) I’ve already lost 4 pounds. Isn’t that crazy?

  3. I haven’t lost any weight (ha! Only on day 3…,not day 2…my kids make me crazy) and I’m pretty bloaty either from the added flax in everything, the extra carbs from wheat I don’t usually eat, OR the Halloween candy. šŸ˜‰ I threw away the bag of chocolate-y stuff, so we only have lollipops and other chewy (yummy) stuff left. I feel fine otherwise, so we’ll see in a week or so!

  4. I didn’t get bloaty, but the diet wasn’t a huge change from what I normally eat, other than cutting out oil (I still used it to cook quite a bit). What did change for me is now I find overly salty or overly sweet things to taste gross. So, that really helps with the Halloween candy avoidance! Good luck, I’d love to hear your updates about how it’s going!

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