E2 Week: Veggie Stir Fry

You know how Stir Fry is one of those really easy things to make…except when it’s not? Like the veggies are super mushy and the sauce is too salty or overpowering or gooey or bland?

This is not that Stir Fry.

This the basic Veggie Stir Fry from the Engine 2 Diet. Lots of seitan, simple flavors, tons of veggies. PS, I also cheated. It says to add things in one at a time–but I have a GIANT bag of stir fry veggies from Costco, so I just chucked a few handfuls into the pan. Also, I used twice as much garlic. Also, I added a tablespoon of sweet garlic chili sauce. Also, I put some Sriracha on it at the end. Blam! Delicious.

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