About Me

Hi! I’m so happy you’re here. I’m just a 30 year-old mom making vegan food for fun. I’ll be sharing recipes that work and are disasters, all the while trying to improve my food-photography skills. And baking skills. And cooking skills. And trying really hard not to spell skills with a z.

Are you wondering why there aren’t always recipes included with the photos? I believe very strongly that if I didn’t actually write (or modify) the recipe, it isn’t mine. And that means I don’t have the right to reproduce it here. I’ll always provide a link so that you can go to the original author’s website, or a source to purchase the cookbook I used. Also, don’t forget to check out your local library! Libraries are a great, free, resource for awesome cookbooks.

I just became aware that there are ads running on my blog. That’s because I use a free version of WordPress, so they sneak them on there. Tricky, tricky, WordPress. Rest assured, I do not make any money from those ads. I don’t want to have ads on here at all, but I’m not willing (right now) to pay $30 a year to make them go away. Feel free to ignore them. But please don’t think I had anything to do with it.

Also, please note that I’m the copyright holder for this blog. If you’d like to link to me on your blog, feel free! I’d just like to receive credit for my work.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi stranger and mother of the best grand baby EVER. I am so impressed with your blog.What exactly is the difference of vegetarien and Veganism ?(still cant spell) I look forward to your cooking when you guys come to visit.I’ll babysit and give you the kitchen..its a great trade. I believe i could switch over to no meat if I had a cook….Look forward to tasting some of your best recipes…..

    • Awww! Thanks! 🙂

      The difference between vegetarianism and veganism is this: most vegetarians still eat eggs & dairy products. Vegans abstain from those and usually honey, silk, wool & leather. So, no animal products used at all (not just in cooking, in everything).

      See you at Christmas!

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