Fettuccine Alfredo…and Vacation!

First things first:

Those of you who have had this Happy Herbivore dish before realize my fatal error: I did not apply enough fake bacon! This dish desperately cries out for the facon, it needs it, it wants it! I will say that the first day I found this too be a little more nutmeg-y than I like, so I might dial it down on that end. But the second day, when I ate it for lunch, I didn’t really taste the nutmeg at all. I feel that I should issue a warning here: the texture of this dish changes a lot when you refrigerate and reheat it. I will say that it’s much like actual fettuccine, which also gets sort of clumpy and grainy the next day. It didn’t bother me at all, but my husband didn’t like it as much.

We also just got back from our mini-vacation to Wichita! Yes, I drove to Wichita just to get some Teese, since it’s the only place in the state that they sell it (shout-out to Food for Thought! I love you!). And to have fun! In Wichita! It was pretty neat–the city was sort of a cross between Topeka and Oklahoma City, which is funny, since it sits almost right between them. And it was nice to see a part of Kansas I haven’t visited much before (unless you include a stop at 1am to get gas when it was -10 degrees out “visiting”).

Anyway, here’s a picture I took while on the Flint Hills Scenic Byway!

Bob’s Red Mill

Can someone be a fan girl of a mill? Then I am. I LOVE BOB’S RED MILL! I’m about to get up on my roof and proclaim it to the world.

We made it to the mill a scant 15 minutes after the first tour began, so we missed it. It’s okay, the store was totally worth it. TOTALLY.

I’ve been buying Bob’s Red Mill items for about 6 years now, since I went all organic and hippied out. But I had no idea the sheer amount of products they make, from beans to grains to nuts to whatever you can think of. And the restaurant! It has it’s own VEGETARIAN MENU. I know! I don’t have to pick and choose off of a menu meant for someone else! Yes!

I want to live in your basement, Bob’s Red Mill. I’ll even pay rent, I swear! I will, however, be eating you out of house and home. Feast your eyes on these vegan flapjacks! I will never stop saying VEGAN FLAPJACKS!

Seriously, don’t they look sexy?

Astoria, Oregon (Part II)

I loved Astoria. Right now, I’m going to give a shout-out to the Commodore Hotel, for being awesome. If you are in Astoria, stay there. I wanted to live in that hotel room forever and ever, amen.

Our second breakfast was from Astoria Coffee House & Bistro.

What? Those were so good, I almost ate all of them before taking the photo. And I had scrambled tofu, which came out really late, and by then I was so focused on eating, my camera stayed in its bag.

It was my first tofu scramble, and I was surprised how much I liked it, considering I don’t really like scrambled eggs that much. It’s inspired me to make a similar dish for Sunday brunch this weekend.

Astoria, Oregon (Part I)

I’m back from vacation! It was great, except for the very last, last little bit where my plane left 3 hours late. Oh, and the part where I had to kindly tell two people to stop having sex with each other on the plane directly across the aisle from my daughter. Nice.

Anyway, the food! Did you know Oregon has awesome vegan food? You did? Well, then…you should keep reading anyway.

Our first road trip stop was in Astoria, Oregon. It’s the home of Kindergarten Cop, the Goonies, some horror movies, awesome houses, a great co-op, and delicious food.

My favorite place was the Blue Scorcher Bakery & Cafe. It’s all vegetarian, and extremely vegan and kid friendly. If and when I get the opportunity to live in Astoria, I would love to work here.

For breakfast, I had the Tempeh and Toast. I actually started eating it before I took the photo, it was that delicious. Also, full disclosure, the milk you see in the photo is for my daughter, who is not a vegan, and it did come from a cow. If that makes you uncomfortable, I’m sorry.

I wish I made tempeh this flavorful and wonderful. And what is it about Oregon that makes all the salad greens taste wonderful? Like magic.