Cajun Cakes & Dijon Broccoli Rice

Oh, Happy Herbivore. Just when I thought you couldn’t get more awesome, you decided to invent chickpea cakes. Well, maybe not invent, but certainly publish and share them.

These. were. sensational. Sort of like eating fried chicken, in that they were spicy and crunchy, but mostly like eating a really great falafel. I can imagine that the next time I make these, I’ll make them nugget-size and there will be BBQ sauce dunking. Oh, the dunking! I think I’ll actually try the chickpea tenders recipe, too, for a less spicy taste.

The dijon rice and broccoli was really good. I found the mustard flavor to be a little behind the scenes, so next time I’ll probably punch that up a bit. Or use some really great sweet and hot mustard I have, that I almost never get to use on anything.

Totally awesome (and really simple) dinner, provided by the Everyday Happy Herbivore.


Mock Maque Choux

Heeheehee…word play.

I’m going to say this like Paula Deen, “SO GOOD YA’LL!” I yelled that because I’m probably drinking a glass of wine while riding on something. I wish that was still a thing. Anyway, here is my dish of Louisiana comfort food, courtesy of Happy Herbivore.

This dish, though I’ve never made it before, tasted really familiar and was super good without being overbearingly hot or spicy. And one the side I made some tofu goat cheese stuffed okra, that I just quickly pan-fried with a little bread crumbs. I’ve never had okra before, but I have the feeling I could have done a better job cooking these. They didn’t seem quite…done…and were kinda hairy on the outside. Tips, anyone?