Polenta and Chili!

Let me begin by stating that I think I made this wrong. Based on the photo in Vegan Brunch, I think this is supposed to mostly beans with a little topping of polenta. So why did I get ten tons of polenta, and just a smattering of beans? Let me also state, for the record, that apparently this recipe can be altered any number of ways with delicious results. Because this was awesome! Pretty much just like having chili with cornbread in it, except I really love the texture of the polenta. And I forgot to put the serrano peppers in (I accidentally threw them out–why?!) so I dumped hot sauce on at the end. Also, the avocado I was going to put on top went bad. And I forgot to take a picture of the cashew sour cream (which may be my new favorite thing in the universe).

So, 1,000 mistakes later, this still came out just as delicious. I don’t think I could have asked for more.




Pasta de the place I sorta used to live near

Here’s Pasta de los Angeles, in all it’s mixed-up glory. It’s a recipe I make often from AfR, though it isn’t one of my favorites. But there’s a part of my brain that goes…mmm…hot salsa pasta? Yeah. Tomatoes, cilantro, garlic, black beans–it’s all there. But when I get done making it, I usually don’t want to eat it. Odd, right?

It’s a tasty dish, easy to make, and the spinach adds a looooot, despite the fact it seems like a strange addition. I also like to put in corn, since it gives a hint of sweetness that the original recipe is missing. And I put on lots of hot sauce. Usually Dan’s Texas Dew Drops. Of which I have a massive stash in my cupboard. I LOVE YOU, DAN!