Horseradish & Cranberry Salad

I found mâche! Thanks, Trader Joe’s!

I’ve made this salad before, so I’m not sure I need to go into every detail about how delicious it is–though it is super delicious! Adding white beans makes it a meal–though I think adding white beans is now how I make every meal.

I think it’s important to note that mâche really makes this salad taste excellent, and it’s worth seeking out. I’d never had it before, and I found it delicate and peppery–like a cross between arugula and baby spinach.

WTH, Potato Pizza!

So, has anyone else tried this jacked up recipe in Vegan with a Vengeance? You know I basically think that Isa can do no wrong, but this recipe was incorrect on so many levels. First, it said it only made one, but then the toppings are clearly for two pizzas. And then you have to bake it almost twice as long because the potatoes don’t cook. This was one of those “I totally should have known better” moments for me, since I KNOW how long it takes to cook a slice of raw potato–at least 20 minutes. Even at 500 degrees. So there I was, checking my little pizza every three minutes, poking potatoes and getting more and more frustrated.

I will say this–the pizza was delicious. And I do now have an extra bag of toppings that I can put on a second pizza that I make at my convenience. And I have the greatest tip in the world for making this awesome–put horseradish on it. I am not joking. Just plain ol’ jarred up grated horseradish. It made this go from “eh” to “OH BABY.”


“Oh my, aren’t you a fancy one?”

Tonight madame will be having the Mushroom Cranberry Salad with potatoes and asparagus? Very good.

Seriously, this dinner was so stinking fancy! The dressing had all the fun of shallots, horseradish and balsamic vinegar. How can you possibly go wrong with that? And mushrooms! And garlic! And magic! *poof*

I also really love steaming potatoes. Just the smell of a steamed potato sends me over the moon. And look at the little white asparagus. Yes, you can insert your albino penis joke here…or…erm…not. But still! I have never felt more classy eating a meal. I should have paired it with some white wine (if the only kind I have isn’t a month old and in a box–true story) or a fancy dessert.

But instead of dessert I spent my after dinner time gathering emergency supplies in case we have to sleep in the basement tonight. Because of a deadly line of tornadoes headed right for our neck of the woods. Cue Jon Lovitz: “Jealous?”

Recipe can be found in Appetite for Reduction.