Baked Mac & Cheese

I’ll admit it. I’ve been totally spoiled by the VegNews Mac & Cheese. That stuff is out of this world! But it’s also pretty stinkin’ fatty, and I’m not always in the mood for the greasy food. Plus, it’s kind of a bear to cook–lots of boiling of various veggies, etc. And I do sometimes like a nutritional yeast-based mac, since it’ll provide me with tons of B12 vitamins! Go B12!

I turned to the Baked Mac & Cheese from, you guessed it, Happy Herbivore. I’d been interested in making an unmilk based cheesy sauce, too, since I’ve made the Appetite for Reduction one about a million times. And while it’s good, I often crave something creamier. Bring on the Mori-Nu and almond milk, baby!

And this was good–it falls somewhere in between my favorite macs, since it’s creamy and baked just like VegNews, but noochy, like AFR. I will say that it seemed to be missing something–I’m guessing either a pinch of nutmeg, or a dash of hot sauce. I put a bit of tabasco on it, and that helped round out the flavor a little. Lemon juice in the cheese sauce, perhaps? I’ll think of something.

You’ll notice that I paired this with some rockin’ Jerk Asparagus, also from AFR. That stuff can do NO WRONG. And you’ll think it’s going to come out all weird, and it doesn’t, it’s so easy and magical. I wish I made it more, but asparagus is sooooo expensive. I blame the man for that one.

Super Bowl Week!…the soba bowl

Today’s photo ain’t pretty, but it tasted really great!
So there she is, in all her green glory. Steamed broccoli & zucchini, tossed with soba noodles, black beans, and miso dressing. Also, I applied the first bite directly to my eye, so I spent the entirety of this meal crying. Nice!

Want to know something strange? The amount of green onion in the dressing actually makes it taste spicy. Want to know something else? I still put hot sauce on it. So good. Also, this would have been totally awesome with some peanuts or cashews thrown into it as well. I’m going to do that next time for sure. Also, I probably used about half the miso that the recipe calls for, since I was worried about the sodium. It made the dressing a little watery, so watch out if you do the same!

Recipe from Appetite for Reduction.