Astoria, Oregon (Part I)

I’m back from vacation! It was great, except for the very last, last little bit where my plane left 3 hours late. Oh, and the part where I had to kindly tell two people to stop having sex with each other on the plane directly across the aisle from my daughter. Nice.

Anyway, the food! Did you know Oregon has awesome vegan food? You did? Well, then…you should keep reading anyway.

Our first road trip stop was in Astoria, Oregon. It’s the home of Kindergarten Cop, the Goonies, some horror movies, awesome houses, a great co-op, and delicious food.

My favorite place was the Blue Scorcher Bakery & Cafe. It’s all vegetarian, and extremely vegan and kid friendly. If and when I get the opportunity to live in Astoria, I would love to work here.

For breakfast, I had the Tempeh and Toast. I actually started eating it before I took the photo, it was that delicious. Also, full disclosure, the milk you see in the photo is for my daughter, who is not a vegan, and it did come from a cow. If that makes you uncomfortable, I’m sorry.

I wish I made tempeh this flavorful and wonderful. And what is it about Oregon that makes all the salad greens taste wonderful? Like magic.

Banana French Toast

This is the second time I’ve attempted this recipe from Vegan Brunch, the first time was a DISASTER. I used french bread from Target, it turned super mushy in the batter, and then stuck like crazy to my newly purchased cast iron skillet.

Fast forward to three weeks later, when I’m brave enough to try this again. And guess what? It turned out amazing! I went to the specialty grocery and bought high quality crusty Italian bread. I’ve really seasoned my skillet, so there was no sticking. And I had lots of blackberries that I purchased from Costco. Why does Costco have the best produce? It seems weird. But there you go, everything (except some apples I got out of season–bleh) is amazing.

I love the combination of banana, vanilla, cinnamon and cocoa that you get with this french toast. And I like that without the high fat and cholesterol milk and eggs, this recipe isn’t even high in fat. It doesn’t sit like a greasy rock in your stomach, and it isn’t too too sweet, even when you smother it in maple syrup. Yum.

Would it be wrong of me to add a little cayenne pepper?